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African Swine Fever Opportunity

9th Apr 2019 / By Andrea Vickers

NFU Mutual, responding to our customer’s needs.

As the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) to the UK pig production industry heightens, following the continued spread of the disease globally and most recently into Western Europe. Our NFUM agency network have started to express that demand exists in the UK for an ASF insurance solution. National Intermediary Services (part of the NFU Mutual) role is to seek to administer insurance solutions which fit outside of the NFU Mutual core risk appetite with the Insurance market and/or arrange bespoke insurance solutions. To date and to the best of our knowledge there is not an ASF Insurance solution in the UK market, so we are seeking to establish the level of demand for such a product, the key insurance needs and what would be a viable insurance price point.

We are hoping that with the assistance of the National Pig Association that we can correlate enough information to position us to demonstrate to the insurance markets, that by partnering with the NFU Mutual, we are able to distribute an ASF solution that fits our customer’s needs, but also provide the supporting insurer with a solid foundation for them to build a sustainable ASF insurance solution.

We would welcome your support in aiding to correlate this information by completing a short ASF insurance questionnaire, the information you provide us will hopefully lead us to securing an ASF insurance solution in the near future.

Once you have completed the questionnaire - please email it to