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Allied Industry Manifestos NPA Election 2021 logo


Allied members will be elected via the most votes in four categories:

  • Buildings/equipment 
  • Health
  • Marketing/processing
  • Nutrition.

The nominations are coming in!

Tim Styles, Fram Farmers

Tim Styles Fram Farmers PIGGrowing up on our family farm in Suffolk, I developed a deep-rooted passion for farming, and went on to study agriculture at Harper Adams University.

During the early stages of my career, I worked in the grain trade, where I developed a keen interest in international commodities and trading.

My professional journey then took a pivotal turn into the animal feed industry, where I specialised in feed raw material procurement and trading, primarily catering to the pig sector with ABN. In 2010, I joined Fram Farmers and have since evolved into the role of Commercial Director.

In this capacity, I have responsibility for all purchasing and trading activities within our organisation supporting members throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Operationally, I work directly with individual indoor and outdoor pig producers throughout the country managing their feed commodity procurement and risk management strategy as well as for several pig and poultry feed purchasing groups. 

On behalf of our members, I am sourcing feed raw materials from national and international traders and liaising with national and regional feed manufacturers.

Feed typically represents 70%+ of total pig cost of production and is the single most important cost element of pig farming businesses.

I am eager for the opportunity to utilise my feed sector and commodity knowledge to support the NPA and its members to secure resilient businesses producing British Pork in light of the escalating impacts of global commodity volatility, agricultural globalisation and geopolitical uncertainties.

Oliver Bown, Thames Valley Cambac

Oliver Bown 24I would like to put myself forward for re-election to serve the industry I am so passionate about.

Having been with TVC for many years, I feel I have sufficient contacts and knowledge to be able to support the NPA and feed back to producers and others in the allied industry, as well as seeking information from those when NPA are trying to defend or represent the industry.

This small NPA team are so effective because of the wide range of support they receive. I am pleased to have helped and supported the NPA in the last few years and would relish the chance to continue to support them.

Although the last term has been challenging, and I believe the next one will be equally as challenging, I would like to be part of the PIG to assist them all the way.

If you believe I can help you, your business and/or the industry, please vote for me.

Joseph Lunt, Zarkos-Smith Associates

Joseph Lunt 23I graduated from Liverpool University in 2016, with a veterinary degree and have worked within the pig sector ever since.

I have been lucky enough to have had varied experience working in both private and corporate veterinary practice, as well as an integrator. Though latterly, developed an interest in the nutritional component of the pig industry.

I always felt this was the missing link to my knowledge base. At this point, I thought I would leave clinical practice and take on a full-time master’s degree in animal nutrition.

However, I was also lucky enough to be able to stay involved in the industry I was passionate about while still pursuing an MSc with Glasgow and SRUC while working. I am now in my second year and looking forward to my third-year project.

Since working in the industry, I have strived to be involved in pig clubs as a participant and speaker, as well as being lucky enough to have been invited to write several articles for the Pig World magazine.

I take an active role in training, both for my clients and externally on both levels of the AHDB Stockman course. I also regularly participate in the NPA regional meetings as well as young NPA events. 

I have committee experience including the global executive of the international vet students association, as the charity lead, donating textbooks to Africa, anaesthetic machines to Uganda and rebuilding the vet labs at a Philipino Vet school post monsoon. As well as guest lecturing at universities to inspire the next generation.

I also have a wide experience of both indoor and outdoor pig management, at all levels of production and passionate about British agriculture and its world leading animal welfare standards, while maintaining productivity.

In the next year, I will be speaking at the British veterinary association event at the NEC, with several thousand vets about the risks of ASF and PRRS-2 entering the UK.

Speaking to first years at Liverpool vet school about the pig industry and what makes us so special. As well as speaking to the next generation of feed technologists about the interaction between vets and nutritionists, which I am one of the few that tries to do both.

I have also have the backing of my company to allow me sufficient time to fully for fill the demands as they occur. 

Michelle Sprent 23Michelle Sprent, Premier Nutrition

I’m proud to have been a member of the PIG and its Allied Industry predecessor AIG for a number of years now and would love the opportunity to continue to represent the feed industry over the next 3 year term.

2024 will mark 25 years working as a pig nutritionist for me in this incredible sector.  

These years have given me invaluable experience across the feed industry working with home mixers, wet co-product feeders, integrated pig businesses as well as the compound feed industry.

I feel this experience makes me an ideal candidate to represent the feed industry on the NPA PIG.

Whilst there will be challenges ahead I believe there is a bright future for UK pigs and being part of the NPA PIG will allow me to play a part in ensuring this is the case.  

 Jon McKechnie, HIPRA

Jon McKechnie 2My time as YNPA chair sparked in me a desire to work collaboratively within the pig industry community and encourage members to come together, socially and professionally and, in turn, enhance the industry.

I witnessed first hand the results that come from a collective approach to the challenges faced by our industry and would like to continue to encourage the sector to strive for improvement together as part of the PIG.

Since starting my career as a stockman at the age of 18 I have spent time working not only in different farming systems, but also nutrition and the pharmaceutical sector. This has equipped me with a broad range of knowledge and firsthand experience of some of the challenges facing our industry.

As part of the PIG I hope to offer a well rounded outlook on the industry and a friendly approach that encourages members from all areas of the pig community to come forward and have their voices heard.

I strongly believe that together we can tackle challenges head on as well as drive innovation and bring the kind of thinking that allows the sector to adapt, grow and overcome.

Andy Hall, AM Warkup

Andy Hall AM Warkup 2I believe our future as an industry lies in the cooperation within it. My membership of the Building Suppliers Forum has taught me the power of this. 

It is surprising how often knowledge gained informs and can help with problems being tackled by others. I feel that these first hand exchanges of information are vital to the future of this industry. Hence this application.

My background in pig farming has helped me in my progress at AM Warkup, so that I now have extensive experience in both the production and supply sides of the industry. My day-to-day engagement with pig farmers gives me a real understanding of the pressures faced by them, their attitude to decisions they often feel they cannot influence and their feelings about, and hopes for, the future. 

I feel these factors would enable me to make a positive and useful contribution. I offer my services in any way I can.  

Gemma Thwaites GarthGemma Thwaites, Garth Pig Practice

I would like to stand again for the veterinary representative on the PIG. Health and welfare remain at the forefront of the priorities for the sector.

In with my day to day on farm experience at Garth Pig Practice, coupled with my active involvement with Pig Veterinary Society (Presidential term and Welfare Officer), I feel strongly I am in a position to provide input on both a direct farm level and on the sector as a whole.  

The NPA provides such valuable support to producers, and I would relish the opportunity to remain in a position to continue to assist with this.

Peter Bryant, A-One

Peter BryantMy name is Peter Bryant and I have spent all my working life in agriculture, from pig production to feed manufacture and everything in between.

For the last 10 years, I have worked as a senior key account manager and, more recently, taken over as head of sales and marketing at A-One Feed Supplements.

The time I have spent in all sectors of the industry has been invaluable. With your help and support I would like to give something back to the industry that I feel so passionately about, and this is why I am putting myself forward for the AIG elections.

It is vital to ensure that the future of the British pig industry remains supported at a time of significant change, with the likes of zinc removal, biosecurity due to ASF and the challenges facing the industry around farrowing crates to name just a few.

Being elected onto the Pig Industry Group would be an honour and a privilege. I would bring extensive knowledge and understanding of the pig industry to the NPA and its members, as well as ensuring that the NPA/AIG remains influential and effective for the pig industry following such difficult times.

It is essential for us all to unite in building a sustainable and secure industry that is fit for the future. I wish everyone who is taking part in the PIG elections the best of luck.