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BVA launches 7-point antibiotic plan poster

12th May 2017 / By Alistair Driver

BVA AB poster3

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has launched a new poster outlining a 7-point plan for responsible use of antibiotics by veterinary practices.

Explaining the thinking behind the poster and accompanying materials, the BVA says: “Antimicrobials are essential to veterinary and human medicine to treat infectious and zoonotic bacterial diseases, but inappropriate use could render them ineffective.

“Continued availability of all existing antimicrobial classes and the development of new ones for veterinary use are essential to maintain the health and welfare of both companion and food animals.

“Medical and veterinary communities share concerns over the implications of the development of microbial resistance. Each use of antimicrobials increases the risk of selection for resistant bacteria so we must ensure that our use of antimicrobials is responsible.”

The poster can be downloaded here. The seven headline points are:

  • Work with clients to avoid need for antimicrobials
  • Avoid inappropriate use
  • Choose the right drug for the right bug
  • Monitor antimicrobial sensitivity
  • Minimise use
  • Record and justify deviations from protocols
  • Report suspected treatment failure to the VMD.

The BVA has published guidance on the responsible use of antimicrobials to be used in conjunction with the 7-point plan poster.

It has also developed a more detailed, forward looking BVA position on the use of antibiotics in food producing animals.