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Belgium's ASF restriction zone expanded

7th Dec 2018 / By Alistair Driver

Belgium’s African swine fever (ASF) restriction zone has been expanded slightly to create an additional buffer zone.

Belgium ASF mapA total of 184 dead wild boars had been diagnosed with ASF by the end of November, according to the latest update provided by ForFarmers’ Andrew Knowles.

The expansion of the restriction zone to create a buffer zone, as shown in the map, means an additional 16 commercial pig herds have been brought into the zone.

Discussion is ongoing about what do with these pig herds, including whether or not to cull the animals on farm. All commercial pigs in the area covered by the original zone have been culled.

There are some issues in Belgium with the ASF requirements concerning slaughtering and movement of pigs, according to the briefing. Current legislation requires that movement of pigs can only be direct from farm to farm or to slaughter, that is no multiple pick-ups.

In terms of the market, the piglet price has increased to around €20 euro, but is still under cost price of €27, while export of live pigs to Germany is increasing as pig prices in Germany are higher than in Belgium.  There has not yet been a relaxation for export to third countries for Belgian pig meat.

Currently there is no media attention on the ASF outbreak, the briefing noted.