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Brexit - the big issues for pig farmers

19th Dec 2016 / By Alistair Driver

The political landscape changed in 2016, as Brexit became a reality. NPA has produced a briefing outlining the implications for the pig sector. 

brexit leafletThe leaflet, which has been sent to members can be viewed here, in our Briefings section.

The leaflet covers the big issues affecting pig farmers, including trade, labour supply, animal disease controls including border control, animal welfare and future farm support, and explains the position we are taking on behalf of members. It also highlights our key asks to Government as the Brexit negotiations unfold.

For example, a key priority on trade for NPA is ensuring the pig sector is not disadvantaged by the opening up of our markets to cheaper lower welfare imports. Pork should be considered a 'sensitive product' during the negotiations.

The NPA is also seeking assurances that the supply chain will continue to have access to both skilled and unskilled labour post-Brexit. We have strengthened our arguments on this issue with an online survey that highlighted the extent to which the entire supply chain is reliant on EU labour.

The NPA is also calling on the Government to ensure it puts sufficient resources into keeping disease out of the country once we exit the EU.