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CVO endorses #MuckFreeTruck campaign

10th May 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Defra Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss has endorsed the NPA-inspired #MuckFreeTruck campaign.  

Christine Middlemiss 1The campaign will encourage producers, processors and hauliers to do everything they can to keep lorries clean, a practice that has never been more important with African swine fever affecting pigs in Europe and across the world. 

The NPA has teamed up with AHDB, the British Meat Processors Association, the Pig Veterinary Society, British Pig Association and Red Tractor to spread the word. 

You can read more here

The campaign has already been picked up by a number of trade press outlets and the message is being shared, including, we are pleased to say, by the CVO. 

Writing on Twitter today, she said:

"Having clean trucks, or any type of animal transport, is REALLY REALLY important in preventing disease spread. Highly infectious diseases like FMD survive well in a small amount of dirt. #MuckFreeTruck @NatPigAssoc @natsheep @natbeefassoc."

Red Tractor has also joined in on Twitter: "A great initiative...our standards already require the washing of lorries before they leave markets and abattoirs. Get spreading (pardon the pun) the word #MuckFreeTruck #ASF @NatPigAssoc @AHDB_Pork @BritishPigAssoc @PigVetSoc @BMPA_INFO