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Changes to Red Tractor pigs scheme

2nd Oct 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Red Tractor has introduced two ‘mid-cycle changes’ in its pig standards from October 1. One concerns the use of copper in pig diets, while the other covers the equipment provided to visitors who enter biosecure parts of the unit.

 Under the changes:

  • In line with recent changes to EU legislation, diets must not exceed 150 mg total copper/kg feed for piglets up to 4 weeks post-weaning, 100 mg/kg between 5 to 8 weeks post-weaning and 25mg/kg feed over 8 weeks post-weaning.
  • On entry to biosecure areas, visitors must be provided with farm-dedicated clothing/overalls, or new disposable overalls, and footwear or new ‘robust’ overshoes – that is material that does not tear easily on solid floors and covers the shoe and ideally the ankle. Footwear must be suitable for foot dips.