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Chinese delegation visits UK to learn about pigs

9th Apr 2018 / By Alistair Driver

China visit

A group of Chinese academics and researchers has visited the UK to learn about British livestock production, and applications of research and development. 

The group from the Inner Mongolia University of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry has spoken to researchers at UK institutes, as well as attending lectures on climate change.

Last week, AHDB hosted the group at the its Warwickshire headquarters, where the visitors were shown how the levy body operates, working with Government and industry. The NPA's senior policy advisor Ed Barker attended the meeting. 

"The researchers were particularly interested in understanding more about the UK pig industry, especially on genetics and our trade relationship with new markets. The trip finished with a presentation and round table discussion between the AHDB, NFU, BPA and NPA," he said. 

"China is becoming one of the UK's most important markets and there is a real thirst for knowledge within China about how the UK pig industry operates. They want to learn from us about how research takes place into the pig industry, but this was also an opportunity to learn from them about China's plans and to establish fresh contacts."