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Chris Brant Award - NPA chief executive honoured for 'massive contribution' to pig sector

16th Nov 2020 / By Alistair Driver

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies has won the much-coveted 2020 Chris Brant Award (CBA) in recognition of the ‘massive contribution’ she continues to make to the British pig industry.

Zoe Davies1This year, Zoe and her small NPA team have dealt with a whole of issues of huge significance to the pig sector, including COVID-19, EU Exit, the fall out and risk to UK pigs from the continuing global spread of ASF, Defra’s new Welfare Code and various environmental issues, to name a few.

The award, won last year by Wayland Farms’ Colin Stone, is named after the late pig farmer Chris Brant and recognises those who go the extra mile for the UK pig sector. Zoe, who was part of special joint NPA team award in 2016, was announced as the well-deserved 2020 winner by award sponsor and former NPA chairman Richard Longthorp during the National Pig Awards event, broadcast online on Monday afternoon.

Richard LongthorpIn his citation, Richard, left, said the judges always consider certain criteria, including service to the UK pig industry, the impact nominees have over a sustained period of time on the financial and physical resilience of the industry and how big a gap would be left if they were no longer there.

He added: “Well after much discussion and deliberation, one of the judges summed it all up very nicely:

Fulfilling all the criteria, the most important for me is this. Without any exaggeration, there is one person whose absence would have a major, major impact on my business and the UK Pig Industry.”

“So, there you have it A joint recipient of a special award for services to the pig industry some years ago, now deservedly recognised in their own right for their massive contribution to the UK Pig Industry

That judge concluded - and others wholeheartedly agreed: “What that woman has done and continues to do for the industry, on - let’s face it - a shoestring of a budget, is absolutely immense.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please charge your glasses or teacups or whatever you are drinking at this time of day and drink a toast to “That Woman”, Chief Executive of the National Pig Association, Zoe Davies.”

He said Zoe mirrored many of Chris Brant’s traits, including being ‘good at his job but, above all, always having the best interests of the industry at heart’. He said they were both ‘fiercely determined and passionate in equal measure in support of the UK Pig Industry’ and would both ‘stand industry’s corner powerfully yet astutely whenever the industry faces a challenge - from whatever direction’.

“Through their loyalty and dedication, they in turn engender and leverage the loyalty and dedication of all those around them,” he said.

Honoured and chuffed!

A hugely popular winner, Zoe's award prompted lots of comments on social media from within the industry and beyond. 

Commenting on Twitter, Zoe said: "Thanks so much everyone for your lovely messages...I’m totally blown away, completely honoured and beyond chuffed to receive the Chris Brant Award...was telling a producer the other day the reason we work so hard is because our members truly appreciate us."

Zoe CBA award