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Colin Stone named as NPA Chris Brant Award winner

19th Nov 2019 / By Alistair Driver

The name of Colin Stone was added to list of industry legends honoured for going the 'extra mile' when he was unveiled as the NPA Chris Brant Award winner on Monday night. 

Chris Brant Award Stone

Colin, Wayland's breeding farms manager and a former NPA producer group member, received the award from Richard Longthorp at the National Pig Awards in London. 

On a night when Norfolk-based Wayland was named Outdoor Producer of the Year, Colin said he was 'humbled' to receive the award, after walking on stage to a standing ovation from the 430 people packed into the Lancaster Hotel. 

Richard highlighted Colin's 'sheer cussedness to not simply accept the status quo' and said he has been at the centre of 'significant change in our industry', having sat on various industry bodies. 

Richard said: "The Chris Brant Award is all about going the extra mile over a sustained period for the British Pig Industry.

"Those of you who knew Chris might charitably describe him as 'edgy', 'pithy' or to the point. But then we as an industry are probably often seen by others as being a bit like that. Previous winners of this award – people like Cusson, Crabtree, Butler, French, Rowbottom, Scott et al – they all have that edge about them.

"And this year’s winner was clearly hewn from the same rock. But, as with others, using his edginess always with a purpose and always with the interests of the pig industry and those in it at heart.

"He has been the energy and drive behind some key industry initiatives.

"But his most 'endearing' – if I can use the word liberally – characteristic and quality is that if anything needs challenging, he will always step up, speak out and challenge. He will never sit quietly by and let stuff pass just to maintain the peace.

"Whether you agree with him or not, you can’t just ignore him.

"He puts elephants in the room at meetings at risk of becoming an endangered species. He is to diplomatic rhetoric as Ian Campbell is to sartorial elegance.

"But, through this sheer cussedness to not simply accept the status quo, he has been at the centre of significant change in our industry; having worked for BPEX and been on NPA Producer Group as well as being a vocal contributor to the Red Tractor Pork Board.

"Think biosecurity, think training. More specifically think lorry wash. Think East of England Training Group.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for this year’s winner of the CBA – think and thank Colin Stone."

Last year, Colin won the Special Achievement Award at the event.

You can read more about Colin and his achievements here