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Consistent messages on Brexit opportunities and threats

14th Nov 2017 / By Alistair Driver

As the Government increasingly looks to engage directly with farmers on Brexit, the NPA is urging members to refer to a recent document we published to give a consistent message.

In what it is describing as the 'second phase of stakeholder engagement', Defra wants to hear from groups of farmers in 'farmer-hosted events'. Areas to be discussed include where farming should be in 5, 10 and 15 years time and future post-Brexit policy direction and the opportunities and threats arising from this.

The outcome of the discussions will be fed back into Defra's Future Farming evidence team. 

The NPA recently published a briefing paper on the opportunities and threats to the pig industry arising from Brexit. The document can be viewed here. 

Members are encouraged to use it when meeting with MPs to ensure key messages are conveyed with consistency.

Writing in his weekly Friday 'Brexit round up', senior policy advisor Ed Barker, who put the paper together, stressed that it was important to highlight the opportunities, as well as pointing out te difficulties posed by Brexit:

"Over the coming months the NPA will be putting together a positive overview of how Brexit can in fact offer opportunities for the pig sector," he said.

"My view on Westminster is that it has heard a lot of negativity from across industries how Brexit is a threat to them; if we really want to be listened to it is time to offer constructive and positive solutions to challenges faces by Brexit.

"That is not to say we should ignore any concerns when they arise – but providing a solution with it, will ensure our voice is really listened to."