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Direct retail suppliers urged to fill in Adjudicator survey

31st Mar 2017 / By Alistair Driver

Companies supplying supermarkets directly are being urged to fill in the Groceries Code Adjudicator's (GCA) annual survey.

Christine TaconYouGov runs an annual sector survey, which can be viewed here, on behalf of the Adjudicator Christine Tacon. This collects the views of suppliers, trade bodies and others on retailer compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (the Code) and on other issues such as awareness of the GCA role and training.

In a letter to trade associations, including NPA, Mrs Tacon said: "The responses to the survey are crucial in helping me identify what issues on Code compliance are of concern and how suppliers view compliance with the Code.

"Retailers also value this external perspective and they use this to identify areas where they could do better. In general the annual survey indicates that suppliers consider that retailers have continually improved in their compliance with the Code."

The latest survey was launched on March 6. Suppliers can respond anonymously but even if they agree to name themselves, responses will be treated confidentially to ensure suppliers cannot be disclosed or identified by a retailer.

GCA conference

Mrs Tacon also issued a reminder about the GCA's annual conference in London on June 26. It will take place Church House in Westminster. 

"Along with updating delegates on the past year achievements and my focus for the next twelve months, YouGov will also be announcing the results of the annual sector survey," Mrs Tacon said. 

The keynote speaker will be the Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility.

To register, click here

Extending Adjudicator powers

In its submission to a recent Government consultation on extending the GCA's powers, the NPA called for its remit to be extended beyond the retailer-processor relationship. It called for: 

  • The remit of the GCA to be extended to cover processors, food manufacturing plants and food service companies
  • The GSCOP turnover bracket to be reduced to £500 million
  • An agreed code of practice for processors covering trading practices and including fall-back pricing positions should there be disagreement between contracted parties
  • A standardised approach to deductions in processing plants with a clear understanding of how the costs are derived
  • The GCA to able to receive evidence from primary producers anonymously.