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Ed highlights dangers of US trade deal in Sunday Times article

27th Jul 2020 / By Alistair Driver

NPA senior policy adviser Ed Barker is quoted in the Sunday Times warning about the potential 'real danger' to UK pig farming from a US trade deal.

EdBarkerNPAThe article features an interview with NFU president Minette Batters in which she, among other issues, highlights wider industry concern that trade deals with the likes of the US could undermine UK welfare standards. 

The journalist also spoke to Ed and the article duly pointed out that the headlines generated over chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef only 'scratch the surface'. It highlighted how different standards attached to pig production contribute to vastly lower costs for US producers. This includes the use in the US of sow stalls, banned in the in 1999, and the use of feed additive ractopamine, banned in the EU, alongside very different approaches to antibiotics, with more widespread usage in the US. 

The article also quotes the US National Pork Producers Council's comment that a UK trade deal 'offers the potential for a major increase in UK demand for US agricultural products, including pork'. "The danger to pig farmers is real," the article states, before quoting Ed. 

"It is a huge concern, not least because it is a major priority for the US, which has no real interest in meeting our standards," he said. "British farmers are very used to competition and we are happy to compete - but we want it to be on equal terms." 

You can read the full article HERE (subscription required)