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Ed's Brexit round-up

28th Jul 2017 / By Ed Barker

The latest instalment in NPA senior advisor Ed Barker's round-up of the week's Brexit related developments affecting the pig sector. 

1) This week saw the Secretary of state for international trade, Liam fox, visit the USA to discuss outline issues for a USA-UK trade deal. After concerns expressed by MPs, the media and numerous commentators, he stated that he saw little problem with US chicken produced using chlorine. Members will be aware of the sustained concern this issue has created, due to the fact that it has raised questions about what other standards the UK may permit on food exports.

2) When pressed on chlorine in chickens, Michael Gove stated unambiguously that the UK should not and would not permit this whilst he was in post at Defra, reaffirming his commitment to maintaining high standards on imported products.

3. On Thursday, Ministers in the Home Office appeared to have supported a transitional deal for migrant labour, allowing freedom of movement for a limited period. However, other Ministers have seemed to suggest that freedom of movement will be removed straight after the UK's exit from the EU. The NPA and other farming organisations remain concerned that the needs of our industry on labour is not fully recognised by Defra.

4. A House a Lords committee reaffirmed the brexit concerns of the NPA. The report cited the NPA's Georgina Crayford's views on import standards, welfare and labour. You can see more here