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Ed's Brexit round-up

17th Nov 2017 / By Ed Barker

Withdrawal Bill: This week has seen MPs debating the EU Withdrawal Bill. This effectively ‘enables’ the Government to take on statutory responsibility of areas that are usually undertaken by EU institutions. There have been a few issues though, with one vote only going through this week by 12 votes. However a more contentious issue on the horizon is whether or not there should be a physical ‘date’ set in stone where the UK leaves the EU.

It had initially been suggested that March 29, 2019 be inserted into the EU withdrawal bill, however a number of conservative rebels felt that in so doing, it would hand the initiative to Brussels and remove any ability to extend discussions if needed. This, in addition to offering a vote to parliament on the final EU exit deal, shows that the Government is having to take heed of a new set of backbench rebels – whilst backbench Eurosceptic MPs, known for their historic preference to rebel – now find themselves in the mainstream.  Funny thing, politics.

Future farm support: This week saw a debate in the House of Lords on future farm support. The debate was led by Baroness (Anne) Macintosh, formerly MP for Thirsk and Malton and former chair of the EFRA Select Committee. The NPA provided a briefing for Baroness Macintosh, and as a result pigs were featured prominently in the debate.

The debate can be found here.

Opportunities and threats: If any members are out and about at various Brexit meetings locally – or if you are going to see your local MP at an event, then do have a look at our Brexit snapshot briefing . It contains opportunities and threats of Brexit to the UK pig sector and gives you the up to date position of the NPA in our lobbying.