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Ekogea UK Ltd

Contact: Mike Clarke

Address: Merrifield, Woodland, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7JS

Telephone: 07966 4331410



Main Activity: Organic feed and hygeine products improving gut health in pigs leading to improved growth, FCR, mediccation use and mortality with additional benefits from lowered levels of ammonia within and around housing. Ekogea also supply a revalutionary slurry management system which reduces slurry volumes by 85% and can clean the liquid fraction to allow for discharge to water courses.

Product range: BioComplex Plus; An organic UFAS approved feed ingredient with proven cost benefits for improvements in all key performance criteria as well as greatly reducing ammonia and general odour on farm and when spreading slurry. BioComplex Boost; An organic hygeine product  reducing pathogens within buildings by competetive exclusion.

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