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Election week - the policies that matter for the pig sector

9th Dec 2019 / By Alistair Driver

With election day looming, the NPA has been hard at work setting out our priorities to candidates and scrutinising the main parties' policies.

NPA manifesto

Election manifesto

At the start of the campaign the NPA published its manifesto, setting out a number of key pig industry asks for a ‘Fair Deal for Britain’s Pig Farmers’, including:

  • Avoid a no deal Brexit
  • Fairness in post-Brexit tariffs, so we don’t open the floodgates to cheap pork imports
  • Equivalent standards under future trade deals, so import standards match our own
  • Keeping African swine fever out, with better border controls and tougher sanctions on those bringing in meat illegally
  • A fair and proportionate approach to regulation – for example, farrowing crates should not be banned
  • A farm support regime that helps pig farmers grow and maintain high production standards
  • Retain access to EU labour, including permanent, so-called ‘unskilled’ workers.

You can view the manifesto here

The NPA has contacted every candidate and is urging members to forward the manifesto to their local candidates.

Comparing policies

NPA senior policy advisor Ed Barker has been through all the main Party manifestos to analyse how they match up on these and other issues that will shape our sector’s future - from Brexit and future trade deals to the future of farrowing crates and more. 

You can view the document here

Ed is also featured in the latest issue of Pig World, offering his views on the election and the key policies that will shape the future of the pig sector. 

You can read the article on the NPA website here