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'Feed the Family for Less with Pork' - new AHDB campaign targets costs conscious consumers

17th Oct 2022 / By Alistair Driver

AHDB has launched a new marketing campaign today, encouraging consumers to 'Feed the Family for Less with Pork'. 

Feed the family for lessIt will feature recipe ideas that include various different pork cuts, and could feed a family of four for under £5, with some recipes costing less than £1 per person. 

AHDB is championing the use of more economical cuts of pork in the creation of everyday family-feeding dishes via recipes including Hoisin Pork MeatballsEasy Sausage Biryani, and One Pot Sausage Braise, which can all be found on

The campaign will run from today until Friday 25 November, with adverts online, across social media, during on-demand TV shows, and in the aisles and on the websites of eight supermarket chains. AHDB has worked with retailers to gain agreement to apply over a million stickers to pork packs with a QR code linking to budget-friendly recipes.

It will also use social media 'influencers' to spread the message further - for example The Batch Lady's Instagram video on summer sausage tray-bakes.

The campaign aims to raise consumer awareness of pork's positive role in healthy meal choices during the current cost-of-living crisis and addresses concerns that people are having to cut meat from their diets, AHDB’s Head of Marketing, Carrie McDermid explained.

“Our autumn pork campaign focuses on feeding a family for less and we have developed a range of new and exciting recipes that not only deliver on taste but also cost under a fiver. Pork is presented as a good-value protein that meets consumers’ needs when they are trying to reduce the amount they spend on their weekly shop," she said.

Amid concerns about increased volumes of pork imports into the UK, she stressed that the campaign is focused on British cuts such as pork shoulder, sausages and mince to support British farmers. 

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