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Formaldehyde banned as feed additive

27th Feb 2018 / By Alistair Driver

Formaldehyde has been banned as a feed additive in the EU from today.

The product was denied authorisation in the EU due to health and safety reasons, leading to its complete removal from the market as a hygiene condition enhancer. The ban has been in the pipeline and has come as little surprise to the feed companies. 

According to Trouw Nutrition's latest news update, at the EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed's (SCOPAFF) meeting in December, 26 countries voted against the authorisation of the compound as a feed additive in Europe.

The ban was effective from Feburary 7, with a requirement that formaldehyde for this use must be removed from the market by the  February 27.

The use of formaldehyde treatment for rumen protection is still approved.

"The ban is largely due to health and safety concerns for both animals and humans due to its carcinogenic characteristics and risks of use in the mill to treat feed. Exposure can affect the skin, eyes and the respiratory system of those exposed," Trouw said. 

It said feed producers now need to look at alternative methods to control Salmonella in feed.