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Genesus Inc

Contact: Paul Anderson

Address: Box 278, 101 2nd Street, Oakville, Manitoba, R0H 0Y0, Canada

Telephone: +44 (0) 7831 526452



Main Activity: Genesus is the world's largest producer of high health registered purebred swine. We are the largest register of purebreds in Canada and the world.

Genesus has established a UK breeding Pyramid of over 1,500 GGP & GP females and over 100 boars at AI stud marketed in the UK by Genesus UK Ltd.

We have focused our selection on 

  • productivity
  • faster growth
  • better efficiency
  • high yield.

Therefore, Genesus pigs are strong, fast-growing with exceptional carcass eating experience. 

The Genesus genetic improvement program is based on sound theory, disciplined and well-executed selection and mating programs all supported by extensive data collection and testing on live animals and carcasses.

The Genesus commitment to research and development continues to enhance the existing programs and ensure that Genesus pigs will remain competitive on the future marketplace.

Product Range: Genesus Pure Duroc Sire Line Terminal Boars and Semen.

Genesus Pure Yorkshire Maternal Line GGP and GP Boars, Gilts and Semen.

Genesus Pure Landrace Maternal Line GGP and GP Boars, Gilts and Semen. 

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