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NPA elections - Have you cast your vote yet?

1st Feb 2018 / By Alistair Driver

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Voting in the NPA elections has been open for a week now. Have you cast your vote yet? 

To vote, if you are an NPA member, click here to go through to the dedicated NPA election website where you will be guided through the process. 

An impressive total of 31 excellent candidates will stand in the elections. 

The final tally saw 15 names confirmed for the contest to elect the 12 members of Producer Group.

A further 16 candidates, drawn from across the allied industries, will compete for 10 places on the NPA's Allied Industry Group (AIG). 

You can read all the candidates' manifestos on the voteNPA website and in the February issue of Pig World.

Please use your vote... 

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said: "We are delighted that we have been able to assemble such strong fields for both the PG and AIG elections. That is a real tribute to the industry. 

"Now it is up to you. The next three years are going to be a critical time for the pig industry and now you have the opportunity to choose the people you want to drive the industry forward. NPA members, you have a vote - make sure you use it!"

One membership, one vote!

NPA elections site5Votes have been coming in over the past week, but there is one thing we need to remind all members – each NPA membership only carries one vote. 

So, for example, that means only one person may vote on behalf of a Producer member, regardless of the number of partners in the business.

Likewise, organisations that are AIG members only get one vote. It is up to members to decide who in an organisation is the person voting and to agree on who they are voting for. 

Other useful reminders include: 

  • Only producer members can vote for producer candidates and only allied industry members can vote for allied industry candidates.
  • Producers can vote for a maximum of 12 PG candidates. Allied industry members can vote for a maximum of 10 AIG candidates.
  • A voter is not obliged to use all their (10 or 12) votes, although tactical voting is discouraged.
  • Contractors can vote, provided the company you contract for is an NPA member.
  • Candidates can vote for themselves.

Postal voting

Members are being encouraged to vote online, as this is the quickest and easiest way to vote. However, postal ballots will be sent to members who have not voted online by February 5. 

It will save NPA staff a lot of work if you give your membership number, but you may vote even if you cannot find your number. Alternatively, before you vote, send your name and postcode to Andrea Vickers at NPA and she will send you your membership number.

How will the new Producer Group be formed?

npa mapPG is the policy-making body of the English pig industry, meeting five times a year, usually in London, formulating policy on a wide range of issues.

There will be 12 members elected from five regions – North, Midlands, East, South Central, South West – for three-year terms. There are four candidates for the North and East regions, three from the South West and two each from the Midlands and South Central regions.  

Each region will be guaranteed one place on PG and a maximum of four places. This to ensure each region is represented, that no region is over-represented, and that producers have the opportunity to vote not only for local candidates, but also for candidates who will best represent their views.

A chairman and vice chairman will be elected when the new PG meets for the first time.

How will the Allied Industry Group be formed?

The AIG represents the allied trades and professions. Meeting six times a year, mainly in Stoneleigh, it plays a key role in NPA policy-making, feeding into PG.

The 10 candidates with the most votes will be elected for three-year terms, with a chairman and vice chairman elected at the first meeting.

When does voting close?

The polls close at midday on February 23. The results will be published on the Pig World and NPA websites and in the March edition of Pig World.