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Have you seen this pink (Brussels-funded) pork bus?

13th Oct 2017 / By Alistair Driver

A pink bus trying to promote EU pork has been spotted roaming some of our major cities.

pink busThe slightly odd vision in pink has been witnessed in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Leeds so far. The bus carries the slogan: “Pork lovers – 100 per cent European pork”.

“Enjoy, it’s from Europe,” it adds (a subtle message to the UK?).

Plus some messages about pork we can all agree on: “Quality, Health, Taste, Tradition, Versatility.”

The 'Pork Lovers Tour' originates from Spain, currently the fastest growing of the major EU pork nations and clearly with an eye on expanding its market reach. Ironically, as we seek to untangle ourselves from the EU, the whole venture is funded by Brussels in a bid to promote ‘pork white meat’.

It is the initiative of Spanish pork industry body Interporc, which describes itself as the ‘most important Trade Organisation of the meat sector by volume of pork production in Spain’.

The bus was spotted in Leeds this week by none other than Julia Lister, wife of the NPA’s chairman. She took some pictures, and, according to Richard, reported that the citizens of Leeds weren’t exactly falling over themselves to get on it.

“She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing,” said Richard. “And the fact that is funded from Brussels is certainly interesting – are they trying to get their retaliation in first?

pink bus 2“We are all for promoting the taste and benefits of pork. That said, if they think they are going to persuade the good people of this country to switch away from British pork – which is, of course, the tastiest in the world and produced to the very highest standards – then this will be another waste of EU money!”

Raising awareness

The Pork Lovers website gives a little more insight. “It’s a Road Show that will visit strategic places in the UK and Spain and that we have organised, financed by the European Union, with the objective of raising awareness of pork white meat," it explained.

“Our bus will visit these towns developing activities for everyone like housewives/house husbands, children, catering schools, etc, with cooking courses, information workshops on the nutritional value of this meat so as to encourage a healthy lifestyle which is very present in the Spanish Mediterranean diet.”

Further searches on social media also reveal that the bus has attracted the unwanted attentions of vegan protestors during its travels.

AHDB’s latest marketing campaign for British pork, focusing on pork medallions as tasty, convenient midweek meal option, and an alternative to chicken, is currently featuring on our television screens.