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How to complain about the Channel 4 'How to Steal Pigs' documentary

15th Jan 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Last night’s Channel 4 documentary, How to Steal Pigs and Influence People, showed blatant criminal activity, including, as the title suggests, numerous cases of pigs being stolen from farms.

It also showed a mass protest at an unsuspecting pig farm, which imposes a huge strain on the farmer and their family, as well as causing animal welfare problems for the pigs and posing a serious biosecurity risk.

The NPA is taking legal advice to help inform our next steps, whilst our anger over the programme has been shared across the pig sector and the wider farming community.

If you felt strongly about the programme and wish to complain to Channel 4, Ofcom or even your MP, here is how you can do that:  

Complaining to Channel 4

You can contact Channel 4 online here

You can also complain over the phone on 0843 254 9025. More details here

Complaining to Ofcom

You can take it a step further by complaining to Ofcom, the media regulator here

Complaining to your MP

You can also take it up with your MP, outlining the irresponsibility by a publically owned broadcaster. To find your MP’s contact details, simply enter your postcode here and you can contact them by email or post.