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How would a hard Brexit affect the UK pig industry?

20th Apr 2018 / By Alistair Driver

In an article on the Farmers Guardian's Brexit Hub, the NPA's Ed Barker looks at the question of whether a hard Brexit could benefit the UK pig industry.  

He writes: "Does a hard Brexit favour the UK? Many people have suggested as much, and have rightly identified the price of pork would go up sharply, and supress consumer demand.
"The problem with this is Governments have a knack of panicking at the first sight of increased food prices, which could force them to pursue a cheap food agenda, meaning we could have not only EU pork being imported, but also non-EU pork.
"At the moment, the UK imports tiny amounts of non-EU pork, but new free trade agreements, coupled with added difficulties in trading with the EU, could make increased non-EU imports an unwelcome possibility."

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