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Important update for anyone producing pigs for China

23rd Jun 2017 / By Alistair Driver

Producers need to be aware that the China export certificates have been updated. You will need to change to the updated versions from July 1, 2017 if you send pigs to abattoirs certified to export to China.

Please see the updated certificates, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links, below: 

7006ANNA is the updated vet declaration and vets will start using this as the current quarterly certificates expire.

7006ANNB is the updated owner manager declaration and needs to be used by all farmers supplying China-certificated abattoirs. No pigs will be accepted from July 1 without the updated version.

7006ANNC needs to be filled in by the producer and supplied to their vet as soon as possible to enable the vet to sign the updated vet declaration as they expire.

NPA chairman Richard Lister said it was very important that anyone who sends pigs to abattoirs that might be destined for export to China is aware of the changes and acts on them.