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It's just one threat after another... but it was ever thus 

30th Nov 2017 / By Digby Scott

The latest candidate to step forward in NPA’s January elections is Paul Toplis, of AB Agri.

Paul ToplissStanding for re-election to Allied Industry Group, he sees the British pig industry continuing to be confronted by just one threat after another. 

Brexit will throw up some unexpected difficulties, he says in his election address, and further antibiotic reductions will become more urgent but harder to achieve.

“I would be honoured to continue working for the pig industry through NPA both generally and by using my knowledge of nutrition and feed legislation to fight against negative changes such as copper reduction, to attempt to reverse losses — such as pharmaceutical zinc oxide use — and to help minimise any losses in efficiency and cost increases associated with changes to feed and environmental legislation.”

Read Paul’s full election address here

Postscript: We now have five Allied Industry Group candidates and five Producer Group candidates. If I knew a bookmaker who could explain how to work out safe odds, I’d open a book on which sector will have the most candidates by close-of-nominations, January 8, 2018.