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Last chance to respond to Command Paper today!

8th May 2018 / By Alistair Driver

Today is the last chance to respond to Defra's 'Health and Harmony' Command Paper consultation on the future of food, farming and the environment.  

The deadline for submissions is today, May 8. 

The NPA team has compiled the association's response with the help of feedback from members. 

But some members have also submitted their own individual responses, and, as the deadline approaches, the NPA is encouraging as many people to do this as possible.

"Why is it so important?" senior policy advisor Ed Barker asked in his latest 'Brexit Round-up'. 

"Well we understand, that this will be one of, if not the most, responded to consultation in Government history – with the vast majority of responses coming from the public or, more likely, people who have been told to by green NGOs. We have spent a lot of meetings with Defra, MPs and other industry representatives discussing these, and unless we strongly make our voice heard we could have lost the ideas battle before Brexit has even begun."