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Last chance to to apply for Defra animal health and welfare grants grants of up to £25,000

15th Jun 2023 / By Alistair Driver

Today is the last chance to apply for grants under the first round of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund.

The fund provides grants, from £1000 to £25,000, for a variety of items that could help pig farmers improve their pigs' health and welfare. 

Animal Health and Welfare grants

The Pig Pathway is starting to take shape, with various Animal Health and Welfare grants available via the fund, which opened in March. 

Defra worked closely with farmers, academics and industry groups to compile the list of items, which, for pigs, includes:

Handling and moving pigs

  • Fixed handling systems
  • Electronic pig weighing and sorting facility
  • Portable loading ramp

Feed and water

  • Individual ad lib farrowing feeder
  • Electronic sow feeder
  • Feed bin weighing equipment for pigs
  • Water tank drinker with stand


  • Hanging enrichment toys
  • Foraging tower for enrichment
  • Enrichment block holder


  • Slatted floor inserts
  • Rubber coverings for slatted floors for pig buildings


  • Enclosed piglet creeps with heat pad
  • Automatic curtain system for pig housing
  • Insulated farrowing ark
  • Robot pen cleaner
  • Auto-monitoring system for main unit for pig housing.

In time, this offer will be expanded to include match funding for large infrastructure projects to achieve higher levels of animal health and welfare on farms. 

Defra said that applying for these grants should take no longer than 20 minutes. The grants are competitive, meaning the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will score applications, and if the scheme is oversubscribed, allocate funding to those applications with the highest average score first.

More information

Here is where you can make an application, or find out more: