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Lib Dems would introduce a National Food Strategy

17th May 2017 / By Alistair Driver

The Liberal Democrats would introduce a National Food Strategy to promote the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable and affordable food, according to its election manifesto, published today.

The manifesto takes a markedly different approach to Brexit adopted by the Conservative Government, stressing the Lib Dems’ desire, under leader Tim Farron, to maintain membership of the Single Market and the principles, at least, of free movement of labour.

It says: “The vote to leave the EU puts farming and agricultural businesses in huge danger, threatening both cuts to the support which underpin farmers’ livelihoods and ability to manage the countryside, and also tariffs on exports. For agricultural products outside the EU, tariffs average 22.3% – putting Britain’s £18 billion of food exports in danger.

“Our system must support farmers, ensure food production, and protect the environment.”

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