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Making the rules for farming easier to find

29th Mar 2023 / By Alistair Driver

Defra has taken action to help farmers navigate the myriad of rules and regulations they face more easily. 

The Department has published a new post all about 'Making the rules for farming easier to find' on its Farming blog.

Noting that farming legislation 'affects all farmers and land managers', Defra has taken steps to make sure that the rules about farming on the Government's website are easy to find.

It asked a group of volunteers to share their experience finding the rules and in the post, which can be viewed HERE, Defra's Tania MacDonnell shares a summary of what the volunteers said and how the Department as sought to improve things.

This includes the creation a single page - called ‘Rules for farmers and land managers’ - that groups together rules for farmers in England in one place.

"It’s arranged in a more intuitive way, by the activities that you do. For example, using pest control products. It links to all the pages that contain ‘must dos’ in law so you can follow the link and find rules and more detail," Ms MacDonell said.

"We tested the wording and groupings with our research group by asking them to look at the new page with us. We also asked for any regulated farming activities they thought were missing from the page."