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Meat the Victims protestors target Northern Ireland farm

15th Jan 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Around 40 activists from animal rights movement Meat the Victims entered a pig farm in Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning and ‘released’ a pig.

Members of the group posted live video footage of their actions, as well as photos of the animals. During the course of the visit which started at 4.30am, the group members, some of whom had flown into the country for the event, identified one pig that they wanted to 'save' and took it from the farm.

Police officers attended the scene but later said no criminal action had taken place.

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This is the latest action from the group, which targeted three farms in England in 2019, including an incident that saw 200 people descend on a farm in Lincolnshire an interview shown in Tuesday's controversial 'How to Steal Pigs' documentary.