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Members urged to fill in rural crime survey

26th Apr 2018 / By Alistair Driver

NPA members are being urged to complete a survey to help provide and up-to-date picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in rural communities across England and Wales – and the impact it has where you live or work.

Rural crime surveyThe survey is being run by the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN), which brings police and Crime Commissioners together with organisations that play a key role in rural communities like the Country Land and Business Association, the NFU and Neighbourhood Watch.

The survey is now available on this website and is open for submissions until Sunday June 10.

Questions cover a range of issues – from whether you report crimes that you or your business suffer, to the impact crime and anti-social behaviour has on you and your area, and whether you believe enough is done to catch those who carry out the offences.

It’s all about making sure the voice of rural communities is heard by those who can make a difference to where we live and work – from the Police to Government, NRCN said.

The survey last took place in 2015. Then, 13,000 responded to give their impressions of crime and anti-social behaviour and revealed the financial cost of rural crime was significant – around £800 million every year.

One of this year’s focuses is whether rural crime continues to be underreported. Three years ago, one in four said they didn’t report the last crime they’d been a victim of because they didn’t see the point.