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More price cuts to come... but we'll stay in the black

3rd Dec 2017 / By Alistair Driver

Most participants in voteNPA’s Pig Cycle Poll believe we’re around half-way towards the bottom of the cycle already.

Others are more pessimistic, believing the price falls have only just started.

But a significant number take a rosier view — that we’re nearly at rock-bottom already.

Generally, participants’ comments have an optimistic tone. ‘The price will continue to fall until March coming close to, but not beneath, cost of production,’ said one.

Another suggested, ‘The price is falling, but remains good. If we were coming up to this price everyone would be happy! It's going to continue, but should hold around 140p by spring 2018’.

But perhaps two comments best sum up the situation. Both are brief and to the point… ‘2018 might be a hard year’ and ‘More to go yet.’

As ever, time will tell. See all the comments here

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