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Morrisons Pledge to Back British Farming

10th Aug 2017 / By Andrea Vickers



The NPA welcomes the news that Morrisons has pledged to support British farmers by choosing not to adopt fake farm names on its fresh meat and vegetables after a backlash by the National Farmers’ Union and concerns raised by its shoppers.

Morrisons announced its intention on #Farm24 day, which is it is sponsoring and after  70% of adults said in a survey that they objected to the use of fictitious farm brands and only wanted a genuine place or farm name on packaging and branding.

The Morrisons survey found 46% of respondents had never met a farmer, while 52% said they did not know how the food they bought was grown. According to the Office for National Statistics, 83% of the UK population live in urban areas.

Both the NFU and NPA have previously condemned fake farm brands as misleading for consumers and insulting to farmers. The most high-profile example was in March 2016 when Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, launched seven brands - including Woodside Farms and Boswell Farms - based on British-sounding but fictitious names. Many products were imported but branded with British names to make them sound local.