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'A chance to shape your industry' - why you should consider standing

There are many good reasons to stand for election to the Pig Industry Group PIG), whether you are a Producer or Allied Member. It's your chance to shape the industry and there can also be many personal and business benefits.

Here, some of the NPA's key figures, who have played important roles over the years and currently sit on the PIG, explain what you can give to the industry, and what you can get out of the experience:

Rob Mutimer, November 15, 2020

Rob Mutimer 2NPA elections are now open and I would strongly advise anyone in the industry to consider putting yourself forward to have a voice in the newly formed Pig Industry Group, which has combined the Allied Industry Group with the Producer Group.

Whether you are a producer or work in the allied industry on small or large scale, we need your nominations so NPA members can have the opportunity to vote on candidates with real diversity from all sectors of our very diverse industry.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two terms on the NPA board and producer group and hope to be a continuing part of the new group.

The NPA continues to operate with a very dedicated small team, led by Zoe, with an ever increasing remit of roles including political representation, environmental expertise and welfare concerns of both pigs and NPA members.  The organisation's role is to help the pig industry members react to continuing changes in the pig market and external forces, such as Government and NGOs.

The new PIG going forward will be pivotal in keeping the NPA team up-to-date with changes and new challenges in the industry, helping both the NPA staff and board make sure the organisation continues to be a forward-thinking relevant force delivering real value for money for all its members.

There are some great forward-thinking characters in our industry and we really do need your input into the NPA. It is not a massive time commitment and as an organisation, it really does make a significant contribution to the success of our industry – so please get your nominations in!

Sally Stockings, November 11, 2020

Sally Stockings PIG 2021With the NPA election nomination window now open... to put yourself forward or to not put yourself forward, that is the question!

Mr Crabtree (see October 7 below) suggested that it was a 'no-brainer' for me. Having recently taken over the reins of the business he felt I had a lot to learn. He of course, as usual, was right. If you have a passion to ensure we are able to farm profitably, a profound desire to see the pig industry get stronger and to have a voice in questioning legislation, it should be a no-brainer for you, too.

I have been fortunate to work with excellent members of the NPA staff. The knowledge that Zoe imparts, that Lizzie and Becca deciphers and that Andrea manages to communicate is amazing.

If it is ever crossed your mind to put yourself forward, please do not hesitate. The environment is welcoming and along with the more serious aspects of the meetings, it is a joy to meet up with fellow members of the pig Industry on a regular basis.

Phil Stephenson, October 23, 2020

IPhil Stephensont is election time again, this time not for Producer Group, but for the Pig Industry Group, which includes our Allied Industry friends.

The NPA evolved some 20-odd years ago – some may have wondered if we needed an independent body to represent us.

Having been on Producer Group for 12 years, I am still surprised at the number of diverse issues the fantastic NPA team has to deal with and help individual producers with.

Planning/Incursions/environmental issue/political developments, particularly Brexit/new or proposed regulations – the list is long.

There is no doubt that we would not have an industry as it is now without an NPA – and I thank the pioneers who had the foresight to set up in the first place.

To function at its best, Zoe and the team need a strong guide from the Pig Industry Group. I would urge any producer big/small/indoor/oudoor to put their name forward and have an opinion.

You will help shape and secure the future of our industry and meet lots of interesting people along the way - give it a go!

Hugh Crabtree, October 7, 2020 

Hugh Crabtree NPA electionsYes folks, it's NPA election season! Nominations are now open for the forthcoming elections to the newly constituted Pig Industry Group in January 2021.

During 2020 the NPA has been trialling the new group - the PIG - in a bid to better facilitate communications, reduce costs and improve policy making. The PIG is the amalgamation of the Producer and Allied Industry Groups. It has been unanimously declared a great success and is set to be formally put in place and ratified by the upcoming elections.

The number of elected representatives has been reduced a little and the number of regular invitees has also been reviewed. The result is a new group of 10 producers, 7 allied industry,  the YNPA chair for the time being, one co-opted person, invited representatives from BPA, AHDB Pork, Red Tractor and the NPA staff. A total of 26 members.

This is a really important development and once again demonstrates the NPA's willingness to pursue efficiency, communications and policy formulation improvements with innovative and 'can do' thinking. Being part of this new group will be an exciting opportunity, a challenging responsibility and an exclusive privilege - all at the same time!

The NPA would like to invite members to think hard about whether or not they might put themselves forward to take on this new role and if not, propose another suitable candidate to come forward.

If ever there was a time the UK pig industry needs active membership engagement, participation and leadership - it is now! Brexit, increasing regulation, ASF, animal rights, veganism, consumer choice and the pandemic all impacting our livelihoods massively.

Please consider becoming a part of the new PIG and get your name on the ballot paper!

Richard Lister, October 1, 2020 

Lister 6The elections represent an opportunity for producer and allied industry members to help shape their industry at this critical time.

It is no good standing on the sidelines and complaining about things. You have got to get involved and make things happen. It is very important that we get the right people representing our fellow producers - people who feel passionate about the industry and want to make a difference.

It is a chance to shape your own industry, rather than just sit there and let it happen. From a business and personal perspective, you get the chance to interact with a lot of influential people - it is up to you what you make of it.

But, ultimately, once you have stood and been elected, it’s a fantastic opportunity to do something for your own industry. So I would urge anyone who is thinking about it, if you have the fire and the drive, put your name forward and go for it!