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NPA publishes briefing on 'no deal' Brexit tariff regime

18th Mar 2019 / By Alistair Driver

As the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal refuses to go away, the NPA has published a detailed document on UK pork tariffs in this scenario. 

The briefing, compiled by NPA senior policy advisor Ed Barker can be viewed here

The Government finally published its schedule for UK tariffs last week, the day after Prime Minister Theresa May lost a meaningful vote on her Withdrawal Agreement for a second time. Tariffs would be retained for pork products, albeit at lower rates than currently in place at EU levels on imports from outside the EU. 

The tariffs will typically add around 4-5% of the price of pork, bacon and ham imports, although sausages appear to have been given a zero rating. 

"Generally, the Government’s approach has been to prevent volatile price increases for UK consumers whilst also protecting domestic industry most exposed to a no deal Brexit," the briefing said. 'It is worth stating that the number of products that fall under this are relatively low. However pork has been included, which is a success for the NPA, given that other products such as eggs, cereals and dairy have not been given protection." 

The document also addresses the implications of a no deal for exports of pork products, including the significant impact on cull sow exports of moving onto EU tariffs. 

In terms of non-EU exports, the UK has been in contact with the Chinese Government regarding exports in the event of a no deal scenario. "Although the UK’s concerns have been noted, it is concerning that we still do not have unambiguous, clear assurances that such pork trade can continue on 30th March 2019," the document adds. 

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