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NPA continues to lobby on staff shortages - members help wanted

17th Aug 2021 / By Alistair Driver

With little immediate sign of the labour situation improving, the NPA is continuing to work with others to raise awareness of the problems this is creating - and seek solutions. 

NPA is meeting with Defra, AHDB and the British Meat Processors Association on a weekly basis to discuss the shortages in pork plants, which is resulting in further backlogs of pigs on farms. Among other solutions, we are lobbying for better preparedness, with no end to the problem in sight. 

NPA senior policy adviser Charlie Dewhirst said: "Thank you to all members who have written to their MPs explaining how the situation is affecting their businesses. 

"We encourage those who have not yet been able to do so to contact their via the template circulated with this week's issue of Piggy Points. 

"The more noise we can raise politically on this issue the more likely we are to get our voice heard and see some action."

New COVID guidance 

There is some potential partial relief in the offing, with new COVID guidance on isolation having come into force on Monday, August 16.

It removes the requirement for workers who have been vaccinated to self-isolate when identified as contacts of confirmed cases

  • Information on household contacts not required to self-isolate from Monday can be found here.
  • Information on contacts not required to self-isolate can be found here