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NPA Election 2021 nominations now open!

7th Oct 2020 / By Alistair Driver

The window for nominations to elect the new NPA Pig Industry Group (PIG) is open.

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These elections mark a new chapter for the NPA, following the successful amalgamation of the NPA’s Producer and Allied Industry Groups to form the PIG last year.

Under a brand new format, NPA members will vote to elect 10 producer members and seven allied industry members onto the PIG in January and February – and you can put yourself forward now.

“This is a chance to shape your own industry, rather than just sit there and let it happen,” NPA chairman Richard Lister said.

“It is very important that we get the right people representing our fellow producers - people who feel passionate about the industry and want to make a difference.”

How to nominate

If you want to nominate yourself as a producer or allied industry member, here is what you need to do:

  • Download and fill in a nomination form - there are separate forms for producer ad allied members - from the Members’ Area of the NPA website. If you need assistance accessing the Members' Area, contact:
  • The nomination must be proposed and seconded by two current NPA members (producer candidates can only be proposed and seconded by producer members and allied candidates by allied members).
  • You will also need to supply a manifesto explaining a little about yourself, your experience in the pig industry and why you think you deserve to be elected onto the PIG, accompanied by a high resolution head and shoulders photograph. Manifestos must be no longer than 250 words.
  • The manifestos will be published in the special 'NPA Elections 2021’ section of the website.
  • The full set of election rules can be found in the Members’ Area.

A new format

The format has changed for the 2021 elections, following the successful introduction of the PIG last year to reduce duplication and concentrate knowledge and expertise.

The new Pig Industry Group (PIG) is currently made up of 12 elected producer members and 10 elected allied industry representatives.

The Board has agreed to a number of changes:

  • 10 producer and seven allied industry members will be elected to form the next Pig Industry Group.
  • Five producers will be elected on a geographical basis with one guaranteed seat per region (North, East, Midlands, South Central and South West). The remaining five seats will be ‘free’, determined by the number of votes cast. 
  • Six allied industry representatives will be elected on a sectoral basis, with one each from the following sectors: nutrition, pharmaceutical, veterinary, marketing groups, manufacturing and processing. The remaining seat will be ‘free’, awarded to remaining person with the highest number of votes. 
  • A broad range of candidates will be encouraged to stand to ensure that there is good representation from all systems, sizes and sectors.   
  • Producers will still only be able to vote for producers and allied members for allied candidates.
  • One space has been set aside as a co-opted seat to ensure that there is the flexibility to plug any gaps in representation.
  • The Young NPA chair will also be given a permanent seat the for the first time.
  • The PIG will meet four times a year and some meetings may be held remotely, depending on the situation with COVID-19.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said: “We are really looking forward to strong field of candidates coming forward for the first ever PIG elections.”

Election timetable

Monday, October 5, 2020: Nominations open.

January 11, 2021: Nominations close. Candidates announced in February Pig World.

January 25: Online voting opens

February 8: Postal ballots sent to those members who have not already voted on line.

February 26: Voting closes.

March 2021 – Successful candidates announced in Pig World.

NPA Elections 2021 website section 

We have set up a new NPA Elections 2021 section of the NPA website, which will set out each manifesto as they come in.

The section will also include the key information on the nomination and voting processes and articles from prominent NPA figures explaining what PIG does and why you should consider standing!