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NPA to continue to support EPP representation

9th Jul 2018 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA will continue to support UK representation on the European Pig Producers, through UK branch chairman, Lancashire farmer David Goodier.

David GoodierMr Goodier (pictured) sought guidance from the NPA Producer Group at its latest meeting in London about whether to continue his participation with the body that brings together hundreds of pig producers from more than 20 European countries.

EPP was founded in 1990 as a network of pig farmers and allied trades. It primarily serves as a technical, economic and social forum for EU pig producers, with its focal point being an annual EPP Congress, held this year in Switzerland in May.

Mr Goodier, who just finished a two-year stint as an AHDB Strategic farmer, acknowledged that the British pig industry is relatively under-represented on the EPP, with only a handful of UK producers generally attending the congress, which this year took place just a couple of weeks after the British Pig and Poultry Fair. This contrasts with ‘very active branches’ the likes of the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

He described the congress as a ‘very useful trip’, including farm visits and the chance to discuss the big issues with like-minded producers, although beyond that its meetings tend to be less relevant. 

Former UK branch chair Sophie Hope pointed out that one reason for the relatively low UK interest was that producers are well represented by their own bodies. For example, the sort of trips and study tours organised by EPP branches are already being run in the UK by Young NPA and AHDB.

Following a discussion, PG agreed it was happy to support Mr Goodier in continuing to represent the UK pig sector at EPP board meetings and the congress.

Chief executive Zoe Davies said: “We are keen to engage at European level and happy to support David to continue in his role. We will continue to provide the Secretariat for the UK EPP branch and will support Young NPA members if they want to attend the congress, but we recognise the limited interest in EPP amongst UK producers and so will not be dedicating resource towards growing UK branch membership.”