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NPA veteran to embark on extraordinary January challenge for Parkinson's Punchers

4th Dec 2023 / By Alistair Driver

Yorkshire pig farmer Richard Longthorp has never been known to shirk a challenge during a long and distinguished career in the pig industry, during which he has fought many a battle on behalf of the sector. 

Richard Longthorp boxingBut the former NPA chair's latest challenge, even by his standards, is nothing short of extraordinary. Richard, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2017. 

He has responded by taking up boxing, joining local Parkinson’s Boxing Groups, which he said has been hugely beneficial in helping to live with this 'bloody disease'. Boxing is increasingly being recognised as an effective way of mitigating many of the symptoms of Parkinson's.

In order to raise funds for St Paul’s Boxing Club, in Hull, and Goole Amateur Boxing Club, and Parkinson's UK, Richard will be attempting to do 1,000 press-ups a day during January. 

"What finally decided me (on the challenge) was when I asked my boxing coach Mike Bromby what he thought. His reply was to the point – “You’re mad!” he said.

"He’s probably right. 

"1000 press-ups a day works out at 31,000 in a month or, at approximately 75% of body weight, 65 tonnes a day/2,015 tonnes in the month

"The first hit when I Googled “1000 press-ups a day” was: ‘No normal person wants to know how to do 1,000 pushups a day’."  

You can read more about why Richard is taking on this challenge on the forum HERE

Richard, in an untypically understated way, described the challenge as 'achievable but is certainly not a stroll in the park!'

"Training has started, now all I have to do is to try and get sponsorship so that Parkinsons UK, St Paul’s Boxing Club and Goole Amateur Boxing Club can continue to benefit those impacted by this bloody disease," he said. "Oh yes … and then do a few press-ups in January!"

To Donate

To support Richard and donate, there is a GoFundMe page administered by the Rotary Club of Howden - a registered charity and also registered for Gift Aid. 

See also, the St Pauls Parkinson's Punchers Video:

For Further Information on Beneficiaries: