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NPA welcomes 'British' AHDB marketing rule change

29th Aug 2023 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA has welcomed a change to the rules that will enable the term ‘British’ to be included in AHDB marketing campaigns, starting with the return of ‘We Eat Balanced’ in September.

We Eat Balanced Aug 23 British

AHDB had previously been restricted from using ‘British’ as the primary message because of EU State Aid Rules. However, earlier this year, guidance on the new UK rules, as part of The Subsidy Control Act, was published, opening the way for this change.

Future use of ‘British’ and the Union Flag will also be reflected in the Love Pork campaigns, including ‘Feed the Family for Less’. This will include export activities, where AHDB event stands will now prominently feature the Union Flag.

World Trade Organisation subsidy rules and the new UK Subsidy Control Act do not prevent AHDB from utilising ‘British’ and the Union Flag in marketing campaigns, provided it does not disrupt international trade. AHDB said this exciting opportunity will allow it to better showcase its support to levy payers and levy spend on promotional activities.

We Eat Balanced

Running from September 8 until October 22, ‘We Eat Balanced’ will aim to reinforce the importance of British meat and dairy products in helping to form part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

Like previous bursts of the campaign, consumers will be educated on the numerous nutritional benefits of incorporating lean red meat and dairy into their diet. These benefits include vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in foods of plant origin.

The campaign advert will feature on social media, in newspapers, video on demand and in the stores of eight major supermarkets, where on-pack stickers will include links to direct shoppers to healthy meat and dairy recipes.

AHDB’s director of marketing, Liam Byrne, said: “By incorporating the ‘British’ message, which we know is important to consumers, our aim is to highlight the exceptional taste and quality of our home-grown meat and dairy, whilst advocating its role in a nutritionally balanced and sustainable diet.

“We believe that through these efforts we can foster a strong and enduring connection between consumers and our British farmers, who are so passionate about providing quality and sustainable food at every step of its journey, from field to fork.”

NPA reaction

NPA chairman Rob Mutimer said: “This is fantastic news for British agriculture. It has long been the source of frustration among levy payers that campaigns they fund haven’t been able to push consumers specifically towards ‘British’ products, particularly since we left the EU.

“This changes that and means levy payers will be getting better value for their money. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes within AHDB to achieve this and they deserve a lot of credit.”

  • Levy payers and farming influencers are encouraged to engage with the campaign through the website, as well as resources, assets, merchandise, Instagram and Facebook.