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Nearly 400 African swine fever outbreaks confirmed in Indonesia

18th Dec 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Nearly 400 cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been confirmed in Indonesia, since the first 

ASF dead pigsIts presence has been suspected since September in the south eastern Asian country, which is also facing a classical swine fever outbreak, but the Government only confirmed it a few days ago.  

According to the official OIE report, the outbreak started on September 4 and there have since been 392 confirmed cases in Sumatra, causing the death of more than 28,000 pigs, with 123,000 susceptible animals present on affected premises. 

The OIE notes that outbreaks occurred in backyard pig farms in Sumatera Utara Province, home to more than a million pigs, with 16 out of 34 districts infected. 

The authoritie were originally alerted following reports of an increase of pigs death in several Districts in North Sumatera. A veterinary inquiry was undertaken and official tests identified the presence of ASF.

The source of infection is 'inconclusive'. However, rapid risk assessment so far shows that transportation of live pigs from another area and contaminated fomite (objects that can carry infection) from animal handlers, vehicles and animal feed are playing a role in the spread of infection.

The disposal of the dead pigs, cleansing and disinfection are being implemented.

Indonesia is the eleventh country in the region to become affected by ASF, after the virus was confirmed in China in August 2018. The disease has also been reported in Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Timor Leste, Hong Kong, North and South Korea and Laos.