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YNPA 'From Farm to Shelf' Regional Meetings - One more to go!

8th Mar 2024 / By Emma Wormington

YNPA vice-chair Emma Wormington discusses the success of the group's first two regional meetings and looks forward to the final one next week.

Emma WormingtonNext week sees the last of our first set of new YNPA Regional Meetings.

Our first two meetings at Diss and Driffield have been a great success, with around 85 people attending across the two events, so a big thank you to those who attended.

The aim of the meetings has been to show an insight into the process of getting pork into our supermarkets, from the people on the ground working to produce the pigs, to seeing what goes on in the processing facilities, and then how the product is developed into what we see on the shelf, whether that be as a roasting joint or a pulled pork ready meal.

Along with getting more like-minded, young people in the industry together to socialise and share our shared passion for the future of the Pig Industry.

These events have been very kindly sponsored and supported by Pilgrims, so thank you to all those who have helped make these meetings a success.

Lee and I are passionate about shaping the future of the YNPA group and feel that these new Regional meetings offer the chance for people to get together to meet new people and share experiences.

Final Event - Newbury, Thursday, March 14

There is still time to sign up to attend out last meeting in Newbury. Details are below, food will be provided and it will be a great chance to meet likeminded people.  

YNPA membership forms will also be available on the night, so you don’t need to be a member to attend the evening (the YNPA remit is just to be interested or involved in the industry and to be between 18 – 40). Please feel free to bring a friend along!


  • Edward Wormington – Farmer and Pig Producer, J H Wormington & Son
  • Tony Pargeter – Pilgrims Technical Manager, Westerleigh
  • Matt Casey – Pilgrims, Head of Customer & Culinary Innovation.