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New rules for live animal and animal products set to come in force

3rd Dec 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Importers of live animals and animal products have been reminded that the UK will implement EU Smarter rules for safer food (SRSF) regulations from 11pm on Friday December 13.

The new regulations are aimed at modernising protections against animal diseases and plant pests as well as improving food safety.
Defra said the the package would modernise, simplify and improve existing health and safety standards for the agri-food chain and take a risk-based approach to animal, plant and public health protection. 
SRSF regulations include Official Controls Regulation (OCR) applying to all UK businesses involved in trade in animals and products of animal origin (POAO).

The Plant Health Regulation (PHR) apply to all UK businesses involved in the production, manufacture, supply and regulation of plants, seeds, timber and plant products.
Defra has directly communicated with affected businesses af on what preparations they need to make to ensure they can continue to import and export of these products.

What will be changing from 14 December 2019?

Border Control Posts (BCPs)

All Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) and Designated Points of Entry (DPEs) will automatically be re-designated as Border Control Posts (BCPs).

Pre-Notification deadline

Importers of live animals and animal products will need to give the relevant BCP at least one working day, and a minimum of four hours prior notice of importation. There are no changes to the minimum pre-notification period for live animals.

Common Health Entry Document

Importers will also complete a new Common Health Entry Document (CHED), replacing the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) and the Common Entry Document (CED). Some additional commodities such as reptile meats, rendered animal fats and insects will now require a model certificate.

New pre-notification IT system

From 11pm on 13 December 2019 TRACES NT will be the new system used for notifying imports from outside the EU. For such imports arriving in the UK after this date, you will need to notify using TRACES NT. Registration details can be found below.

Goods that have been pre-notified on TRACES Classic (in use now), will not automatically transfer over to TRACES NT. This means that if you are importing goods from outside the EU that arrive on or after 14 December and that have already been pre-notified you will need to repeat the process on the new IT system.

If you use TRACES Classic for intra EU Trade, you must continue to do so.

How does Brexit affect the changes? 

The new regulations will apply to the UK while we are a member of the EU and during any transition period.

If the UK were to leave the EU without a deal, the regulations will be retained by the Withdrawal Act and will continue to apply subject to any amendments Parliament may agree.

Further information can be found here.