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Phase out of zinc oxide

30th May 2022 / By Rebecca Veale

In January 2022, following extensive consultation with the pig sector, including the NPA and Pig Veterinary Society (PVS) through the Pig Health and Welfare Council, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) confirmed that zinc oxide products that are in the supply chain by June 26th 2022, could be used until the end of their shelf life. 

The licence holder for PigZin, DSM, has been working closely with their customers to establish requirements and have worked to secure as much volume as possible to meet the demand. They have confirmed they expect to be able to provide a significant volume into the UK and Irish markets. DSM committed to fairly distributing the available material between all customers who have requested supply, according to historical and forecasted volumes and current supply is expected to be exhausted by mid-2023.

PigZin users are advised to continue to liaise with their feed manufacturers and vet so that supplies can be prioritised, as appropriate.

Industry continues to work on options for pig producers following the withdrawal of zinc oxide through the Pig Health and Welfare Council Antimicrobial Usage subgroup; building on the work of AHDB the group is planning a workshop to bring together the available guidance for producers, advisers and vets in the short-term. Options such as new zinc oxide products are much more long-term.

Alec Perrott, Performance Solutions Manager at DSM British Isles, said: “We are working closely with the VMD to establish whether further marketing authorisations may be possible in the future, as well as continuing to engage with our customers on implementing alternative strategies.”