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Pig prices back on the rise

18th Apr 2019 / By Alistair Driver

After two consecutive weeks of decline, the EU-spec SPP gained 0.64p last week to average 138.31p/kg.

The strong demand for EU pork from China due to the ongoing epidemic of African Swine Fever has finally lent support to prices, according to AHDB Pork. The SPP remains 7p down year-on-year.

pig price ap 13

Estimated slaughter was down by 2% (4,500 head) on the week, to 175,300 head. The decline is not surprising after several weeks of reports of processor breakdowns some batches of pigs being rolled, AHDB analyst Felicity Rusk said.

Carcase weights were also down on the week, averaging 84.76kg/head, 220g lighter than in the previous week.

In the week ending April 6, the EU-Spec APP marginally increased by 0.02p, to stand at 142.64p/kg, 5.27p below the equivalent week last year. With the SPP falling in the same week, the gap between the APP and SPP widened to 4.97p.

The 7kg weaner price fell in the week ending April 13 fell to average £35.73/head. The measure is 30p below the previous week’s price and nearly £1.50 behind where it stood last year. 

SPP discussions

The NPA had a fruitful meeting last week with AHDB analysts to discuss how the SPP is currently calculated and how well it reflects the true price paid for pigs.

Following these discussions, AHDB is looking at how it can better present the data to properly reflect actual prices paid for a proper standard pig, rather than one that is out of spec because it has been rolled for a week or more. 

The NPA has been collecting more pricing data and is on the look out for more. "What we’ve had so far has been quite illuminating," chief executive Zoe Davies said.