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Pig prices 'moving forward'

8th Jun 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Pig prices moved forward last week, with one major adding 3p to its weekly quote and other 'significant outlets' following suit, according to Thames Valley Cambac.

abattoir workersIn its latest market update, TVC said the trigger for the long-awaited rise seemed to be the continuing shortage of supply, combined with a realisation that domestic demand shows no sign of easing off.

"Demand was keen with all the majors continuing to plan full weeks processing, despite some staffing issues caused by coronavirus," TVC said.

"Supply was extremely tight with historic production issues being at its peak. Short-term forward forecasts show an inkling of improvement, but nowhere near back to normal.

"Demand in the fresh meat market was fairly buoyant, with many orders seeing increased number requirements. Prices here improved as well.

The cull sow market saw tighter volumes overall, but prices were generally similar."

In Europe, prices were fairly static, with Denmark the only faller, down 4 eurocents. Price quotes in sterling were eroded however, by a weaker Euro that ended the week down 0.64p at 89.45p.

Supplies of both 30kg stores and 7kg weaners continued to be tight. Demand was good for both standard Red Tractor and Freedom Food accredited supplies. Prices generally improved, with the AHDB weighted average for a 30kg store pig up by £1.75 to £61.67, and the weighted average for a 7kg weaner rise by 2p to £42.88.

European Prices (p/kg.dwt) w/c 07/06/20   Movement on last week

European Av.                         140.73             - 1.24

Belgium                                   128.94             - 0.92

Denmark                                 133.28             - 4.50

France                                     144.48             - 1.03

Germany                                 148.48             - 1.06

Ireland                                     147.14             - 0.60

Holland                                   133.15             - 0.95

Spain                                       149.65             + 0.37