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Pig sector to feature in Sunday's Countryfile

28th Aug 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Sunday's Countryfile will include on the state of British pig farming, including an interview with Norfolk outdoor producer Simon Watchorn.

Watchorn BBCThe programme will be a 'Mary Berry Special', in which the renowned chef will reveals how farming and the countryside have influenced her life and career. "Mary is a champion of small producers and local produce, but she loves her pigs too," the programme blurb states.

Among the features Adam Henson is despatched to investigate the state of British pig farming. This included a visit to Mr Watchorn's 600-sow Norfolk unit as part of a comparison of large and small outdoor operations.

Mr Watchorn, who has about 3500 pigs on his main site at any one time, said he hoped it would be a positive feature for the pig sector. 

The programme will shown at 7pm on BBC 1.

The picture shows Mr Watchorn, left, being filmed for a previous BBC feature.