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Plummeting pig farmer - Cameron Naughton's skydive for baby Jack

22nd Mar 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Wiltshire pig farmer and popular Pig World columnist Cameron Naughton will be doing a sponsored skydive on Saturday. 

Jack OramCameron is raising money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. He decided to take on the challenge after one his staff members, Gary and his partner Chrissie, lost their baby son, Jack, in August at the age of just 12 days. Jack died from a viral infection despite the help of many dedicated health professionals at the hospital.

Writing in the March issue of Pig World, Cameron said: “My life in the pig industry has certainly been one big roller-coaster. However, on March 23, I am attempting to achieve both my highest high and fastest down in the space of 5 minutes.

“I’m throwing myself (or being thrown, depending on nerves!) out of a plane at 15,000 feet and free-falling 10,000 feet (gravity will not be denied!) when hopefully someone will remember to open the parachute.  If you believe the blurb I will then float gently to earth – or land painfully if I don’t listen to the instructor.”

“I mentioned in my column in the autumn that Jack, the precious baby son of Gary and his partner Chrissie, died on August 28, 2018, aged just 12 days old from an infection. Gary is an important part of our pig team at West End.

Cameron Naughton abseil“Needless to say a tragedy like this puts everything else into perspective and has had a profound impact on everyone on the farm.  In a small way I want to do something to try and prevent other parents having to go through the desperate heartache that Gary and Chrissie have faced.”

In 2015, Cameron abseiled down a Church Tower in a pig onesie to raise money for Christian Aid. “This time I will have to make do with a pig T-shirt as the pig Onesie is so voluminous we might go up not down!” he wrote.

How to give

The easiest way to give is through Cameron’s JustGiving page, where you can also follow his rapid progress: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cameron-naughton1

Cameron thanked Pig World readers in advance for their support and reminded any donors to ensure they gift aid the donation. “Anything you feel able to give will be hugely appreciated,” he said.