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Producers' views sought on insect protein - last chance to respond

30th Jul 2020 / By Alistair Driver

ADAS is seeking producers' views on the feasibility of insect meal as alternative to soybean meal and fishmeal. 

Insect proteinThe research body has been commissioned by WWF and Tesco to assess how the production of insect protein for animal feed can be scaled up, including the feasibility of insect meal as alternative novel protein to soybean meal and fishmeal, with a particular focus on pigs, poultry and salmon feed.

"In doing so we will develop a roadmap to show the key steps that need to be taken and provide recommendations on how the market can expand," ADAS said. 

ADAS is conducting an online survey to collect evidence and perspectives of relevant stakeholders across the insect supply chain on current insect production and the barriers and opportunities of scaling the production of insects for animal feed.

You can access the survey HERE

The survey consists of 5 parts/pages:
1) Introduction and general questions
2) Insect production and environmental impacts
3) By-products and waste as substrates
4) Barriers to upscaling
5) Recommendations

The deadline for responses is Thursday, July 30.

WWF are looking to carry out an independent and neutral assessment of the potential of the insect industry, including environmental impacts, economic feasibility, and potential to valorise waste and/or by-products.

The report will identify the current barriers to scaling-up insect protein, and explore how both WWF and/or other stakeholders might collaborate to overcome such barriers, particularly around regulation, via a series of recommendations which will be made in the report.

The report will be published publicly online and will function as a piece of evidence to support and guide future advocacy activities.